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Establishing  a company in Hong Kong can be profitable  if considering  given tax perspective and the easy company registration  process.

In accordance with local law and legislation in most countries , this country can not be called offshore , but the tax benefits, that this jurisdiction provides,  are not inferior offshore.

Benefits of Creating Companies in Hong Kong (SPV) :

• Hong Kong is the main gateway to Mainland China

• Hong Kong is one of the twenty leading economic sectors  and one of three largest financial centers of the world , which proves the reliability and durability of jurisdiction

• Documents (certificate) of incorporation are issued both in English and Chinese languages ​​, that  is useful in all operations in China

• Lower tax rates using a Hong Kong offshore company with a WFOE in China


• There is no exchange controls in Hong Kong , no restrictions on capital input and output to / from Hong Kong

• It is quite easy to change company’s  structure. For example, in China the redistribution of shares may take 2 months , while in Hong Kong it can be done in one week.

Netmark Asia Ltd has highly qualified specialists and collaborates with other companies that are well versed in Chinese law,  the company’s registration procedure there and in making business in HK .

We provide the following services :

• Registering of a  Private Company Limited by Shares

• Registering of a  Public Company Limited by Shares

• Registering a company in Hong Kong - Limited Partnership

• Registering a company in Hong Kong - Branch

• Registering a company in Hong Kong - Sole Partnership

• Assistance in obtaining Business registration certificate

• Provide status of " offshore company "

• Liquidation of companies

The basic package of documents includes:

• Certificate of Incorp;

• First Board Meeting Minutes;

• Memorandum & Articles of Association;

• Share Certificates;

• General Power of Attorney;

• Company’s print

The company also is  provided by full legal maintenance for one year, ie , this its price includes the following services :

• legal address - paid for one year.

• Service of local registered agent - paid for one year.

• public fees .

• nominee service - paid for one year.