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Very common problem while placing orders at China is unavailability to control the manufacture and shipping  processes.

This causes many problems.

To avoid the risks that  may happen at producing and shipping processes we offer the following inspection services:

Pre-Shipment Inspection

When 80% of your order is complete, an inspector visits the factory and uses industry standard processes to comprehensively review and test your product, ensuring it meets agreed upon specifications.

Why You Need a Pre-Shipment Inspection: Don't take any risks with your order. Ensure the product you pay for meets your specifications before you settle final payment.

Container Loading Check (CLC)

Container Load Check is the final step in the manufacturing process.

Ensure the final details of your product are correct and actual ordered quantity are securely loaded onto your container before signing off and settling final payment.

Why You Need a Container Load Checking: Put an inspector onsite at the time of  loading, to guarantee the paid  product   is securely loaded.


If you need to transport products from the PRC or HK (once  or on a regular basis), but you do not want to or can not do it, our Netmzrk Asia Ltd.   will provide you with assistance in:

• forwarding of the goods and vehicles

• products’ custom clearance

• compilation of customs transport documents

• transportation of products  according to the INCOTERMS 2000

• transportation of goods by all modes of transport (air, sea, rail, road)

• transportation of products to  China