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Choosing product and supplier is just the first step toward successful conclusion of a contract and making a business. To make your business activity really successful, you should know who you are going to collaborate with and detect if it  is worth starting working with some enterprise in general. Especially hard this decision becomes while choosing among foreign suppliers.

Netmark Asia Ltd. Provides service “supplier verification”. Having highly qualified specialists in China, our company will help you to check the reliability of chosen enterprise.

Such inspections began, first of all, necessary because with  the  increasing of trade volumes with China the number of frauds is growing too. So that  you can contact the defunct firm or factory; make a  contract with a person who has no authority to do that, or contact the company which actually will not be able to satisfy your requirements and to fulfill its obligations, as a result  your time and money will be lost forever .

To avoid all that possibilities, our company will help you to get the next information:

  • basic information about the audited company
  • information about the participants / shareholders and management of the company
  • history of the company
  • information about the availability of offices and production facilities
  • information on bank accounts and loans
  • information on the main suppliers and buyers
  • Annual financial reports so on.

All of this information is an official data , which is provided by  the public authorities of the PRC and by the company itself, that could help to determine whether a company is registered in accordance with the laws of the PRC.

For the  request of the client  the revision can be supplemented by  the check of movable and immovable property of the company, copies of registration documents (eg , Certificate of Title) , and by key financial indicators of the company over the past fiscal year.

Thus, spending a little money now, you save capital and nerve cells in the future!