Establishing a company in China PDF Print E-mail

Starting a business and its maintenance is quite  complicated process - especially for a foreign business.

Netmark Asia Ltd has highly qualified specialists and collaborates with other companies that are well versed in Chinese law,  the company’s registration procedure there and in making business in China .

We provide the following services :

  • Representative Office Registration in China
  • Registration of  a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise in China ( enterprises with 100 % foreign capital )
  • Joint venture  registration in China
  • Closing Down Representative Offices and Liquidating Businesses in China

China's government has allowed entry to its market through:

• formation WOFE ( enterprises with 100 % foreign capital )

• joint ventures (JV )

• representative offices.

The main advantages of representation are:

• Gives the right to conduct  researches  of the developing market  before involving  capital for a certain period

• Representation provides building of  a brand

• Confirms the long-term investment in the Chinese market , thereby to gain the trust of potential business partners

The main advantages of WFOE:

• Freedom in  strategy-realization  without needs  to  consent it with Chinese partners .

• Ability to carry out business activities in a formal way , and not just be a representation.

• Ability to convert earnings  into any currency  to translate it to  parent company outside of China

• Protection of intellectual property rights

• License for  an export / import is not required

• To create a WFOE investor is not obliged to carry out activities for  two years , as opposed to creating a representation.

Advantages of joint ventures in China :

• The joint venture gives an access to a limited market sectors

• Joint representation reduces the risk by applying knowledge of the market, Most-Favored-Nation Principle and the main benefits of local experts  and know-how

• Low labor  and product costs , product and potential share of the Chinese market