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Opening  the company in China , finding reliable contractors and building strong , long and trusting relationships with them can be a burden to the novice businessman .

It’s very important to rearrange a good working process and be confident in those who you are going to work with. The ability to draw up documentation , in accordance with Chinese law  is also an integral  knowledge that you must  possess to establish successful business in this country.

Contract  is the basis of any business relationship. Furthermore , this document is able to protect you   in certain situations. Making it wrong or not carefully , you risk getting into trouble.

Conducting a Contract with a foreign- person is double  important and complicated , because it becomes the objects of you to know the  law of at least two countries.

Our company offers the following services for business vision  in China :

• Company registration  in China

• Search for consumers in China

• Search for suppliers in China

• Negotiating with Chinese buyers and suppliers

• Suppliers’ verification  in China

• Product quality inspections

• Assistance and support in contracting

• Advising on the preparation of the contract

• Drafting contract in Chinese

• Making  financial statements

• Advicing on the basic rules and principles of Chinese  corporate culture

• Employing  workers

• Consultation of employees

• Assisting in the delivery of products to China

• Other consultations concerned  to  doing business in China