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Unfortunately , even knowing the company’s history and its products, misunderstandings happen.

Someone failed to fulfill his obligations , or not fully completed them , all that entail  a lot of controversy and debates . Sometimes these disputes can be resolved peacefully and calmly , referring to the  counterparties'  friendly relations, or items specified in the contract . But sometimes  such disputes escalate into serious litigation, up to appealing  to international courts and arbitration.

During  work with a foreign counterparties , such disputes are further  more complicated by lack of knowledge and understanding of  foreign law , but  they always should  be solved.

Netmark Asia Ltd provides such services as  representing  and protecting the rights and interests of foreign companies in the Chinese People's Courts and  Arbitration Commissions of the PRC , namely :

• preparation and direction of claim- notifications addressed to Chinese companies

• disputes over supplying;

• Leasing contract disputes

• Employment contract disputes

• disputes under loans and credit agreements ;

• disputes arising from the transport and expedition contracts;

• disputes under commission agreement and agency contract

• other disputes .

• appealing  against judicial decisions of the PRC's  courts

• the resolution of disputes in the CIETAC

Other services:

• assistance with renting and buying property in China

• trademark registration

• trademark protection

There also  may emerge  some difficulties in daily company’s life   related to  the lack of knowledge in the field of tax law and accounting affairs of China.

We can also help with :

• Compilation and maintaining  of  financial statements of your company

• Preparation and submission of tax reports  (monthly and quarterly)

• legalization and registration documents and their changes

• consulting company’s employees

• advising about investing

• employing workers

• other advice

Moreover, we are ready to provide Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder  services.

Nominee directors and shareholders - individuals who appear on all official documents of the company, but  in fact, are not real owners and managers  of the company .